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Standard Of Lovin' single

"Many years ago, I was brainstorming with my songwriting partner, Ron Grant (who later, sadly, passed away), and we came up with this idea for a country song. But we were focused on writing Children's songs at the time, so this diversion into Country music never came to fruition.


Then, not long ago, I took the title off the shelf, dusted it off, and decided it would not only be a nice change of pace, but a way to reconnect with Ron. So here goes, with a little help from my friends, Susan and Kay, and all of the magical touches of Marty Rifkin's track. And Teresa... what a voice! Songs are always a team effort.

Let's hope that a country superstar will record it. I'd never say 'no' to Miranda. Or Reba. Or even Dolly... there's a long list of great ones!"

~ Ron O.

Standard Of Lovin'Ron Ovadia
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(feat. Teresa James)
© 2021 Ron Ovadia Music
Words & Music: Ron Ovadia

Vocals: Teresa James
Produced by: Marty Rifkin & Ron Ovadia
Guitars, Bass, Programming: Marty Rifkin
Piano: Ron Ovadia
Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Rifkin Productions
In memory of: Ron Grant
A special thanks to: Kay Parker and Susan Rose Simms

Cover Art: Grant Maloy Smith


Used to think the more we had, the better off we’d be
But workin’ so hard hardly worked for you and me
Bigger home, better car won’t take you far
Money don’t define who you are
Gettin’ ahead set us back instead
But it’s finally time we start raisin’ the bar!

Raise our Standard of Lovin’
Bein’ there for each other cuz there’s so much more to share
Hearin’ one another, grateful each day
And a little affection goes a long, long way
Let’s raise our standard of lovin’
To show we care

Used to be we’d talk about all the things we were missin’
We were there for each other, but I guess we just didn’t listen
The hard work paid but it cost so much
We stopped havin’ fun and I lost that trust
Feelin’ safe and warm in your arms
We’re holdin’ on but we’re losing our touch


Oh money can’t buy us love, that was never the plan
Got a husband but it feels like I’m losin’ my man
Let’s find that time when the fire burned in our heart
Cuz before we had money, the heat was the sweetest part


Cuz the love’s still there!
Oh yeah the love’s still there!


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