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A home is where you live. It’s also a place where you find comfort and feel you belong. And it’s a welcome destination after a long journey, be it a physical adventure or one of emotional soul searching. We all yearn for that place.

This idea for this song came from many sources. I saw a film about a couple who worked at a homeless shelter and befriended an angry and otherwise unreachable man who lived on the streets. But it also reflects my own journey of self-discovery and finally finding a place I want to be in my own creative work. There’s another source - a musician friend’s heartfelt album about Appalachia, which sure felt like “home” to him and had me realizing the universality of this message.

I was fortunate to have Marky Lennon sing vocals. Marky’s band, Venice, has long been a mainstay in L.A. And years before that, in the ‘50s, four of his cousins made up the famous Lennon Sisters.

Kudos to my wife, Jackie, for steering me in this musical direction.

Finding My Way Back HomeRon Ovadia
00:00 / 03:37


(feat. Marky Lennon)

© 2022 Music & Words by Ron Ovadia
Marky Lennon
Produced by: Marty Rifkin & Ron Ovadia

Guitars, Bass, Programming: Marty Rifkin

Piano: Ron Ovadia

Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Rifkin Productions
Cover Art:
Grant Maloy Smith


There’ve been times I lost my way
Never thought I’d see another day
It was hard trying to make my peace
Chasin’ Jason and that Golden Fleece
Looking for signs for so many years    
Longing for calm through all of my fears
Not knowing where I was  going

I’m finding my way back home
Back to a place I can call my own
I’m finding my way back home
The place where I won’t feel alone
Trying to write my very own song
Discovered it was there all along
I’m finding my way, finding my way back home

There were days I didn’t think I’d survive
Might as well have been buried alive           
All the times I wanted to quit
But all the pieces they finally fit
Searching my soul for so many years
And trying to smile through all my tears
Not  knowing that I was growing


Home is where you feel at one
Where you know your life has just begun
Where you can discover a love that’s real
The love you’ve always wanted to feel


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