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Just Like a Bridge cover single.png

When a dear friend asked me if I would write a song for his son’s wedding, I felt honored. The bride and groom also piqued my interest, being from different countries, cultures, and religions. My first thought was, these differences can only make them better. The song had added meaning because my wife and I share a similar story.  

Representing a couple, it had to be a duet. And, as a “first dance” song at the wedding, it was only natural that it be a ballad, to dance to. Since the bride was from Latin America, it also made sense to include a Spanish chorus—for her and her family.

I had the great pleasure of working with bilingual singer-songwriter, Ali Olmo, who also did a beautiful job translating one chorus into Spanish. She teamed up with the always passionate Rick Riso. Together they were superb.

Finally, what can I say about Marty Rifkin’s playing and producing?! His talent is off the charts!


Just Like A Bridge (English/Spanish)Ron Ovadia
00:00 / 04:23
Just Like A Bridge (English)Ron Ovadia
00:00 / 03:48

(feat. Rick Riso & Ali Olmo)
For Gaby and Jason's wedding
© 2023 Music & Words by Ron Ovadia
Spanish translation:
Ali Olmo
Vocals: Rick Riso & Ali Olmo
Produced by: Marty Rifkin
& Ron Ovadia
Guitars, Bass, Programming: Marty Rifkin
Piano: Ron Ovadia
Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Rifkin Productions
Cover Art:
Grant Maloy Smith


We came from worlds that seemed so far apart
To find a place to join our hearts    
I wasn’t sure at first, but I had to take the chance
Cuz there’s no way that
I could miss this dance

At first it seemed like all that I could see
We were different as can be
But we both shared enough to help our love grow
Into so much more than we could ever know

We built a bridge to help us come together
And lead us to a place where we belong
What makes us different only makes us better
Just like a bridge, our love is strong

When I burn bright | I am a quiet light
When I lose my way | I don’t lose sight
Walking hand in hand, our journey’s just begun
We’re two separate lives becoming one


Even if there are some ups and downs along the way
They’ll only make us stronger every day

Creamos un puente para aqui llegar

(We built [created] a bridge to arrive here)
Unidos, juntos a este buen lugar

(United, together to this good place)
Y las diferencias, solo nos hacen mejor

(And the differences only make us better)
Como un puente, fuerte es nuestro amor

(Like a bridge, strong is our love)
Just like a bridge our love is strong


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