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There’s something very special about a first-time attraction – a spark that ignites many emotions. And the “First Kiss” can be especially exhilarating. But one can also rekindle that magic with someone they share a long-term relationship with, so it feels “new” again.

“First Kiss” is about capturing the spark of a new attraction or renewing that spark with a long-time love in your life.  

Sometimes, it takes a (creative) village to help give rise to a song, as was the case here. I had a lot of helpful feedback along the way, from lyricist friends whose work I respect greatly. Thanks to Kay for helping me keep my first-person focus when I strayed and to Kate, Sue, and Ken for weighing in on the many options I showed them. Thanks also to Jackie for helping me recapture the spark of that "first kiss" – over and over.

Thanks, musically, to Marty, my producer, for being… well, Marty – his usual amazing self. And to Beverley, for an inspired performance, the “first time” we’ve worked together

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(feat. Beverley Staunton)

©2024 Music & Words by Ron Ovadia
Vocals: Beverley Staunton

Produced by: Marty Rifkin & Ron Ovadia

Guitars, Bass, Programming: Marty Rifkin

Piano: Ron Ovadia

Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Rifkin Productions
Cover Art:
Grant Maloy Smith


Got a burnin’ in my heart
And a tingling in my spine
Looking for a jump-start
From your heart to mine
No better time
To make a connection
And no better way
Than a little affection
There’s nothing like the first kiss
Nothing like the first kiss
Always makes me come alive
When I can revive
That incredible feeling I don’t want to miss
It was there when I was 16 and it’s still strong
The fire inside
There’s nothing like the first kiss
Is anything as sweet
As when we first touch
Our lips about to meet
Oh what a rush
Looking into each other’s eyes
It’s so clear
Looks like this moment
Is finally here
Can’t let it disappear
Can’t let the feeling slip away
Or forget who’s by my side every day
Gotta find that spark and renew
How it felt the first time with me and you!

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