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"During the coronavirus pandemic, no one was more deserving of a tribute than the “Heroes of the Front Line"—the countless healthcare and essential workers who put themselves in harm's way to protect the rest of us. And they’re still doing it.

They are regular people going about their daily lives, until circumstances put them in critical positions requiring heroic responses. I got the inspiration to write the song when I couldn’t sleep one night and happened to turn on the TV and see a news clip showing these tireless workers. Images of their selfless sacrifice moved me deeply, and I wanted to make sure there was an anthem to honor them.

Because of the pandemic and so many recording studios closed for in-person business, the song was produced virtually, with Nashville’s Jeff Silverman creating the tracks and Rick Riso doing the vocals - both heroic efforts, too, under less-than-ideal circumstances.

~ Ron O.

Heroes Of The Front LineRon Ovadia
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(feat. Rick Riso)

© 2020 Ron Ovadia Music
Words & Music: Ron Ovadia
Rick Riso
Produced, Arranged Engineered, Mastered: Jeff Silverman
Piano: Paul Rucker
Video Edited By: Grant Maloy Smith
Jeff Silverman: Drums, Bass, Baritone Acoustic, Electric Guitar

Cover Art: Grant Maloy Smith



To the nurses and the doctors and healthcare personnel
And daring paramedics on the battlegrounds of Hell      
From all the first responders to those in ICUs
Fighting in a war they didn’t choose

To all essential workers who must set aside their fears        
Making sure that life goes on while we’re holding back the tears
They put their healthy bodies squarely in harm’s way
Showing up for work day after day

They are the heroes always there to serve
Heroes of the front line trying to bend that dreaded curve
Heroes of the front line answering the call
Putting their lives on the line to save our lives one and all  

To the moms and dads who leave each day and tell their kids goodbye
Off to help someone in need and never asking why
To the child who thinks it’s selfish for not wanting them to go
Fearing they’ll get sick, you never know     

To those in isolation who miss that tender touch        
And the thousands we have lost, we will miss you all so much
To the helpless holding on with every single breath
In a painful tug of war of life and death

Count on all the heroes, overworked and drained  
Heroes of the Front Line, trying to keep this thing contained     
Heroes of the Front Line always standing tall
Putting their lives on the line to save our lives one and all  

They are heroes helping us to fight this menacing infection
Through sacrifice we strengthen our connection
We see how fragile life is and everyone’s fair game
Took a virus to remind us we will never ever be the same

Thanks to the heroes working day and night
Heroes of the front line seeing us through the fight
And it’s our job to be heroes too answering the call
Asking, “What can we do, working together?”
So we’re safer for it one and all
Heroes of the Front Line
Heroes of the Front Line
Heroes of the Front Line
Heroes of the Front Line, one and all


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