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There is now a link to listen to each song!

Southern California-based songwriter Ron Ovadia has been creating songs for years. He believes music has a powerful purpose and can help connect people to a greater cause and to each other.


Besides the works on his Songs and Videos pages, he has written many other songs — a “prologue” to his current work. The following are some of these other songs of hope and aspiration - or in some cases, pure whimsy.

Forever She Will Fly *

Words & Music: Ron Ovadia, with Nargues Ovadia; Vocals: Renee Safier – a memorial to her wife’s aunt. I’ve considered writing a version of this for a universal audience, but Nargues says it’s “copyright protected” for her aunt. 

Tomorrow's Child_v2

Words & Music: Ron Ovadia, with Peter Stougaard; Vocals: Sally Stevens – the featured song in EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth for nearly 10 years.

#2 on the Top 20 Disney Theme Park Songs of All Time

It's Never Too Late *

Photo by Ron's wife, Jackie

Music: Ron Grant; lyric: Ron Ovadia; vocals: Dorian Harewood

*To place one of these songs in a film or have it covered, please email Ron from the CONTACT page.

Swiss flag icon.jpg

Swiss National Anthem (English Version)

Swiss National Anthem – (English version) - one of the co-writers of the text (lyric) for Switzerland’s updated anthem. Sorry, no recording available.

Ron Grant.jpeg

The late, great Ron Grant

Emmy® & Academy Award® winner

Photo credit: Variety

Working with his songwriting partner Ron Grant (music), Ron (lyrics) has also created many Children’s songs over the years, including:

Ace Ventura - Pet Detective

The Emmy®-nominated title song for the animated television series. Read the lyric.

When You've Got Imagination *

Vocals: David Pomerantz & Andrea Robinson – this award-winning song uses idioms and other figures of speech (i.e., the tongue of your shoe, the eye of a needle, etc.) to wonder what if these “body parts of speech” came to life. Available for educational use or in a TV show. Read the lyric.

Magic Music Hall

Featuring Connie Kupka – the title song for the children's TV's show

Have You Ever Seen An Opera?

Vocals by Connie Kupka (as Moo-Bossy, the Cow) - song from Magic Music Hall.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Vocals: Angie Jaree – title song for the children's TV show.

Where Do I Belong? *

The opening song from “Cinderella on Ice.”

In addition, Ron has co-written other songs for motion pictures, television and political satire, including:

Crossing the Line

Words & Music: Ron Ovadia & Jai Josefs; vocals: Joe Pizzulo – title song for the motion picture.

Better Just To Say Good-bye *

Music: Ron Grant; Lyric: Ron Ovadia; vocals: Joanne Montana – a Country song.

Just To See You Smile *

Music: Ron Grant; Lyric: Ron Ovadia – theme song for an urban lifestyle TV show.

Workin' On Spec *

Music: Ron Grant; Lyric: Ron Ovadia – proposed theme song for an off-beat TV show, Scribes.

Song Icon.jpg

Ballad of Roy Moore

Words & music: Ron Ovadia – a satirical song for the 2018 midterm senatorial election in Alabama. Vocals: Jimmy Joe Jeter. Sorry, no recording available.

For a CD of Ron's corporate parody song reel, please make your request via the form on the CONTACT page.

Ron is a member of ASCAP and SCL (The Society of Composers & Lyricists).

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