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While putting together a Keynote Concert presentation – a motivational talk with live songs, I landed on the theme, “Awakening the Hero Inside: It’s Never Too Late,” I wanted to start with a song that reflected that theme, so I reverse-engineered this song.

The song, “It’s Never Too Late,” is targeted at “mature audiences” (i.e., boomers and up). Having just turned 73 myself, I am right there! It reflects the desire to reawaken passions to give your life a renewed purpose – something that becomes more and more important as we get older.  

The eternal talent Rick Riso gave it his usual uplifting vocal performance while “Maestro” Marty Rifkin brought the whole production together (as he has been known to do). I also want to thank Susan Simms for her helpful feedback along the way, and give a nod to my former partner, the late Ron Grant, with whom I wrote another, altogether different song, titled “It’s Never Too Late.”

It's Never Too Late (feat. Ron Riso))Ron Ovadia
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(feat. Rick Riso)
Music & words by Ron Ovadia
Vocal: Rick
Produced by: Marty Rifkin & Ron Ovadia
Guitars, Bass, Programming: Marty Rifkin
Piano: Ron Ovadia
Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Rifkin Productions
Cover Art: Grant Maloy Smith

Just when you think the spark has gone  
And you still want more        
The fire that used to turn you on
Reminds you what’s worth livin’ for
Remember you were young and free
That’s the person you were meant to be

It’s never too late
Never too late to try
It’s never too late
All you need is a reason why
You might find a part of you         
That cannot be denied
It’s never too late to awaken
The hero inside       
No it’s never too late

Just when you start to feel your age
And you’re slowin’ down
That’s the time to turn a page
‘n kick your heels up off the ground        
Don’t stop lookin’ and you will find
The one you think you left behind

If you need a place to start
You can find it in your heart                        
It’s not enough to just survive
It’s so much better… feelin’ alive, feelin’ alive  


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