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"The theme, 'Make America Great Again,' a rallying cry for the 2016 presidential campaign, regrettably had quite the opposite effect. A supposed return to 'greatest' (as if we ever lost it) meant ostracizing the 'other' - immigrants, Muslims, the LGBTQ community - and seemingly embracing white nationalist groups. A nation built on inclusion was fast becoming one of exclusion and division, which pained many of us.

'Make America Whole Again' was my response to this divisiveness, dedicated to restoring unity in our deeply divided nation. I wrote it during the run-up to the 2018 election as a retort to the misleading, “Make America Great Again” campaign. Kudos to producer Marty Rifkin for pointing me toward that critical word 'whole' in the title."

~ Ron O.

Click here to see the video, updated for 2022.

Make America Whole AgainRon Ovadia
00:00 / 03:50

(feat. Marky Lennon & Teresa James)

© 2020 Ron Ovadia Music
Words & Music: Ron Ovadia
Marky Lennon & Teresa James
Produced by: Marty Rifkin & Ron Ovadia
Guitars, Bass, Programming: Marty Rifkin
Mixing & Mastering: Rifkin Productions
Video Edited By: Grant Maloy Smith
Original Video: Chip Garamella
Piano: Ron Ovadia

Cover Art: Grant Maloy Smith



We haven’t always lived up to the best that we can be
But we’re still a land where people can achieve equality
A place to call your home
A place you can be free
But a cloud of fear now threatens our rights and liberties

Let’s make America whole again       
Cuz together we are great    
Make America whole again
Free from all the hate
Something to believe in
Not an endless stream of lies
Where people still respect you
When you don’t see eye to eye
Make America whole again
Our work is never done
Let’s start cuz in our heart we know
We’re great when we are one!

People found our country seeking opportunity
We built a nation on the strength of our diversity
We don’t intend to lose it
No, not so easily
But we better all be counted, there are no guarantees

Let’s make America whole again
So it works for everyone
Make America whole
Undo the damage that’s been done
Keep the truth alive
Cuz it isn’t hard to see
Without it we could lose the heart
Of our democracy   
Make America whole again
Before we’ve come undone
Let’s start cuz in our hearts we know
We’re great when we are one!

We may have turned our back on those whose voices weren’t heard
And a cauldron of frustration was stirred
Better listen to each other or we’ll just remain divided   
Gotta live up to our name, it’s time to be united!

Let’s Make America whole again
Cuz our vision has been blurred
What we do now determines
If our future is secure=
Make America whole again
Wouldn’t it be great
To have a leader all our children
Are proud to emulate

Make America whole again
Even greater than before
If the left and right stopped fighting
We could do a whole lot more
Make America whole again  
Let’s find a common bond
Cuz you never realize just what you’ve got
Until it’s gone
Make America whole again
For our daughters and our sons
Let’s start cuz in our hearts we know
We’re great when we are one
When we are one!


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