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"A departure from anything I had ever written, ‘If God Can Forgive Me’ was my first foray into country music - a tune I wrote for no reason other reason than the pure fun of it. And the song probably wouldn’t have made it off the shelf, except that my partner, Ron, heard me play it on the piano and instantly told me that the meter needed to be changed from my staid 4/4 time to 3/4, giving it just the 'winky waltz' feel that could capture the quirky story line.

We were fortunate to find a singer, Joey Scarbury, who had sung the theme to THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO (1981) - 'Believe It Or Not.'

And, believe it or not, he was trying to cross over into Country music. Joey’s voice was a gift from above. Still trying to find a home for this song… or a film. Hopefully my prayers will be answered."

~ Ron O.

If God Can Forgive Me.jpgRon Ovadia
00:00 / 03:33

(feat. Joey Scarbury)

© 2000 DoRonRon Music

Music: Ron Ovadia & Ron Grant
Lyric: Ron Ovadia & Ken Kimmel
Joey Scarbury
Produced by: Ron Grant



You were the sweetest thing I could ever have
But I made some mistakes I should never have
I begged your forgiveness
And I even tried prayin’
The prayer got through but you didn’t hear
A word I was sayin’

If God can forgive me honey why can’t you
I’m only human what else can I do
If God can forgive me honey why can’t you
His forgiveness won’t help me
Till I’ve got yours too

I never knew how much you meant to me
Never realized the gift heaven sent to me
And when my eyes opened I saw the light
But I won’t say Amen till I’m holding you tight


I looked to the heavens with arms opened wide
It gave me the strength to look deep inside

I can still change my ways if you’ll try again
And I promise I won’t make you cry again
My knees are worn out
But my faith is still strong
Lord knows there’s still hope
I just hope he’s not wrong



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