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“Awakening the Hero Inside: It’s Never Too Late”

Book a one-hour* motivational talk with live songs, with a Keynote Concert, by Ron Ovadia. Ron’s Keynote Concerts uniquely present thought-provoking information with original songs for middle-aged adults to retirees, or anyone who wants to rekindle the passion in their lives. 


Drawing on his own life story and inspiring stories of others, Ron will help you identify heroic qualities to renew passions or discover new ones and bring even greater purpose to your life. His presentations are ideal for professional organizations, community centers, AARP-sponsored events, independent living communities—or anyone going through a midlife transition. 


Ron is a speaker and songwriter with a PhD in psychology. For years, he was a creative brand strategist, helping companies pinpoint and articulate their identity and brand essence. Now he focuses on bringing out the best in people. Ron believes it's never too late to awaken your inner hero and find a renewed purpose in life, even as you get older. At 73, he is living proof.
Book an hour to become empowered!

*25-min version also available for limited time slots

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Call Ron Ovadia at +1 (949) 244-1974 (USA Pacific Time)

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