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“Awakening the Hero Inside: It’s Never Too Late”

Book an hour* talk coupled with live songs, by Ron Ovadia. These inspirational presentations are exclusively for mature audiences and retirees—organizations, community centers, residential communities, AARP and Emeritus College events, and seminars. “Keynote Concerts” are a unique way to present thought-provoking information with entertainment, and motivate people to be their very best—at any age.

Why Mature Audiences?
No other stage of life requires us to rekindle and access our inner hero as much, to help offset the challenges of aging. And no other age group is as underserved when it comes to motivational talks. Ron believes it’s never too late to awaken your inner hero. Drawing on his own life story and inspirational stories of others, Ron encourages you to examine your own life and find passions that may be dormant or discover new ones to explore. Who says retirement can’t be the best stage of your life?

Why Ron?
Ron is a speaker and songwriter. He has a PhD in psychology and, for years, worked as a creative brand strategist and copywriter, helping companies define and articulate their identity and brand essence. Ron has led creative groups, given talks and presentations, and taught. He believes that even at this stage of life, you can still take steps to rediscover your hero and find renewed purpose in your life, At 73, Ron is living proof.

Book an hour to become empowered!

*25-min version also available for limited time slots
Call Ron Ovadia at +1 (949) 244-1974 (USA Pacific Time)

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