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Ace Ventura - Pet Detective

Music by Ron Grant | Lyric by Ron Ovadia

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective!
(spoken - Jim Carrey) Alrighty then!
He can sniff like a dog
He’s slippery as a frog
Ace Ventura!

Radar like a bat
He’s a way cool cat
That’s Ace!
(spoken - Jim Carrey) Re-e-eally!

If there’s a tail he’s on the trail
He’s so protective
(spoken - Ron Ovadia) Even if his brain seems defective
Ace Ventura, Pet Detective!

He can roar back in time
And save a dino in distress
Ace Ventura!
(spoken - Jim Carrey) Yes, yes!

He’ll squash an alien bug
(spoken - Jim Carrey) Eooo…
What a mess!
Ooo, Ace!
(spoken) Gross!

He’s pesky as a flea
Stings like a bee
Swings like a monkey
And oo, what a hunk he’s
Ace Ventura, Pet Detective!
Ace Ventura
(spoken - Jim Carrey) Dang, I’m good!


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