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PRESS RELEASE: Standard of Lovin’

10/22/21 • Irvine, CA • For Immediate Release


Songwriter Ron Ovadia is pleased to announce the re-release of his 2021 song, “Standard of Lovin,” which highlights the real value in relationships and what it takes to restore love when people forget why they connected in the first place.

Ron initially released the song in May 2021 and got some stirring reviews. Then he got some unexpected feedback that the song, while being musically as tight as a corset on a Victorian-era woman, could stand a few lyrical tweaks.

“You don’t really tell people what they need to do to raise their “standard of lovin’,” said a songwriting coach, Steve. Then a friend and former lyric writing instructor, Kay, unabashedly weighed in. He even got a call from his producer, Marty, reminding him that Nashville songs repeat the same words in the chorus rather than introducing new material with each new chorus. Ron was on the freeway when he got that call and had to exit immediately to catch his breath. “It’s time to raise my standard of songwriting!” he said, as he rushed home and back to the drawing board.

The result is a song that offers some steps for recapturing the love in one’s relationship—thankfully more poetic than preachy—and is just plain better overall. Whoever said “Writing is 10% writing and 90% rewriting” knew what they were talking about. Draft #21 will be Ron’s last, he assures us.

"Standard of Lovin’ was initially an idea Ron came up with while brainstorming with his then songwriting partner, Ron Grant (who later, sadly, passed away). With a little help from his friends, Kay and Susan, the ever-present measuring stick of his relationship with his wife, Jackie, and all those magical musical touches of his producer and multi-talented guitar player, Marty, Ron is pleased to say that this song is… where it needs to be.


Let's hope that a country superstar will record it. Miranda? Reba? Dolly? In the meantime, Ron is quite happy listening to Teresa James sing it over and over… what an amazing voice.

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