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PRESS RELEASE: "You Bring Out The Best" by Award-winning Songwriter Ron Ovadia

08/11/21 • Irvine, CA • For Immediate Release

Songwriter Ron Ovadia is pleased to announce the release of his latest song, "You Bring Out the Best," dedicated to his wife, Nargues (Jackie). Ron was inspired to write the song as a birthday gift for her for years of helping “bring out the best” in him.  

"I often write songs with meaning that help connect people," says Ron, "and I felt it was time I wrote a song that connected with Nargues on a very personal level, giving her credit for what she brings to my life.” 
The song, "You Bring Out the Best," is available at or on the MUSIC page of Ron’s official website.
“It’s hard to believe I didn’t write this song sooner,” says Ron, “although I believe things happen when they are supposed to happen.” Once he came up with the melody, which Nargues overheard and was very moved by, “the song pretty much wrote itself,” says Ron. “I just needed to stay out of the way.”

"You Bring Out the Best" was co-produced with Santa Monica-based producer-musician, Marty Rifkin, someone who, according to Ron, “always brings out the best in my songs and is never shy to tell me when I’m off track.”  


The song features vocalist Rick Riso, an established recording and concert artist who has performed throughout the world and has appeared on albums that have sold more than 300 million copies.

“Rick is a truly gifted singer,” says Ron. “I have worked with him on several other music projects, including “Heroes of the Front Line” (2020), a tribute to the first
responders and essential workers who have selflessly served the greater good during the coronavirus pandemic. 
Ron is happy that this song touched Nargues deeply, and hopes it will become an anthem for others wanting to express appreciation for their wives or significant others.

The song can be heard on Ron's official website:

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To download this press release as a PDF file, right click here.

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