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PRESS RELEASE: No Place For Hate

01/01/21 • Irvine, CA • For Immediate Release

Songwriter Ron Ovadia is pleased to announce the release of his latest song and lyric-video, "No Place For Hate," dedicated to restoring unity in our deeply divided nation. Ron was inspired to write the song as an antidote to the pain so many of us have felt these past few years, and as a way of hopefully beginning to heal some of the wounds.  
"I try to write songs that are relevant and can help connect people," said Ron. "At a time when our country is so politically fractured, I wanted to try to infuse a spirit of unity, reminding people that love and respect are so much more powerful that the hate and bitterness that is so prevalent.
The song, "No Place For Hate," has been released across all major music platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Spotify and more. There is also a lyric-music video available on YouTube and on Ron's official website.
“No Place For Hate” was a collaborative effort that began when a close friend sent Ron the image of a lady at a demonstration holding the placard, “No Place For Hate.”

“This concept was a song waiting to be written!” said Ron, who realized how timely the message was. Ron collaborated on the video with Billboard® Top 10 artist Grant Maloy Smith, who had previously done music videos for Ron’s songs, “Heroes of the Front Line” and “Make America Whole Again.”
“This is the first lyric video that I have made for Ron, and this is the perfect song for it. It's always great working with him because his vision is clear, and he's so good at expressing it.” commented Smith.

The song features vocalist Tina Meeks, with Teresa James, who has sung lead on two of Ron’s previous songs, singing background vocals. It was co-produced by Ron and Santa Monica-based producer-musician, Marty Rifkin. Because of the logistical obstacles of having a single recording session due the Coronavirus pandemic, it was recorded at five different studios.
Ron hopes the song will help bridge the divide between those who have different points of view—and, in the words of the song, help us “let hate go (so we can) let love in.” As Coretta Scott King said, “Hate injures the hater more than it injures the hated.”


"No Place For Hate" should be distributed along with any COVID-19 vaccine as a hate-antidote companion."

~ Ron Becijos, M.Ed., San Diego, CA

The song and video can be seen on YouTube as well as on Ron's official website at

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