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Just One SmileRon Ovadia
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12/20/21 • Irvine, CA • For Immediate Release


Songwriter Ron Ovadia is pleased to announce the release of his latest song, "Just One Smile," capturing the simple yet powerful effects of this universal facial expression – a smile – which serves as a greeting, a way to bring comfort to someone, and a nonverbal means of expressing yourself when the words just aren’t there.

“Smiling is a universal language that everyone understands,” says Ron, “and a way that helps instantly connect people. I look for opportunities to write songs that have that power to connect all of us.”

Ron has long been an admirer of the original song, “Smile,” whose beautiful melody was initially written by Charlie Chaplin as an instrumental theme for his 1936 masterpiece, Modern Times.” Nearly 20 years later, in 1954, lyricists John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons added the words, and it was released by Nat King Cole. Many artists have covered the song ever since, though no version was quite like the King’s.  

Ron’s song was written from a less dramatic point of view than the original (ie, “Smile though your heart is aching, smile even though it’s breaking”), though Ron hopes “Just One Smile” will remind people just how much of a difference a smile can make in their every interaction.

"Just One Smile" was co-produced with Santa Monica-based producer-musician, Marty Rifkin, who, according to Ron, always brings a smile and a lot of positive energy to everything they work on. “For this song,” says Ron, “Marty also had some excellent direction on the lyric, which prompted some 11th-hour revisions just before we started recording.”
The song features the established recording and concert artist, Rick Riso, whose vocals bring a lot of warmth and soul to the song.

Finally, Ron would be remiss if he didn’t give credit to his wife, Nargues, for steering him in a more meaningful direction, as well as Kay Parker, for her invaluable feedback and contribution to several ideas in the song.  

Ron hopes this song will bring a smile to many people, and he will be all smiles himself when he is able to reach an even broader audience by producing a video, with the help of singer-songwriter and video producer-editor Grant Maloy Smith.  

The song can be heard on Ron's official website:


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