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PRESS RELEASE: Make America Whole Again

09/21/20 • Irvine, CA • For Immediate Release

Songwriter Ron Ovadia is pleased to announce the release of his latest song and video, "Make America Whole Again," dedicated to restoring unity in our deeply divided nation. Ron was inspired to write the song and produce a companion video in the run-up to the 2018 election as a retort to the misleading “Make America Great Again” campaign. He felt compelled to do an updated music video prior to the 2020 election that was more in tune with current events in our country. But the basic message is the same.

"I try to write songs that are relevant and can help connect people," said Ron. "At a time when our country is so politically fractured, I wanted to try to infuse a spirit of unity – celebrating our diversity and reminding people that we are at our best when we are ‘one’ instead of bickering factions.”

The song, "Make America Whole Again," has been released across all major music platforms, including Apple Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Spotify and more. There is also a powerful music video available on YouTube and on Ron's official website.

“Make America Whole Again” was a collaborative effort that evolved from its initial video, created by Chip Garamella, to this current version, created by Billboard® Top 10 artist Grant Maloy Smith. Ron was fortunate to collaborate with Grant, who had done his previous music video for “Heroes of the Front Line,” which celebrates the essential workers, as everyday heroes, who have put themselves on the line in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I always love working with Ron – he has a clear vision of what he wants to say, and that makes my job a pleasure to do. And of course, we Americans need to start listening to each other instead of fighting all the time,” commented Smith.

The lead vocalists are Markey Lennon, long-time lead singer of the popular LA-based band, Venice, and Teresa James, a Texas-born, LA-based recording artist with several albums to her credit. Ron loved the musical connection they had created on another song project, “Voices of Democracy” (Levine/Ovadia, 2009), and wanted to recapture that energy.  

Ron hopes the song will not only help celebrate our unity, but also galvanize voters to elect a unifying figure as president who will restore a sense of normalcy in a nation that has become increasingly divided under the current administration.

The song and video can be seen on YouTube as well as on Ron's official website at

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To download this press release as a PDF file, right click here.

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